​​​​​​​​​Welcome to your new obsession, fellow pervert!

​I am Raphael, but you will call me Madame...

Dominatrix, Healer & Fetish Content Producer.

Eccentric.  Articulate.  Hypnotic.  Twisted.  Genuine.  Dangerous.

Among other things, I've also been called vicious, cheerful, and alarmingly versatile.

100% authentic, I profusely delight in guiding a willing victim like you down the rabbit hole and creating a sanctuary for you to absolutely surrender to your depraved little urges.

I think of myself as a type of alternative healer.  

I come from a place of spirituality and love; I love myself enough not to accept any less than the best in life, and I have enough love for you grimey little puppets to know that this is simply what you need.  

Sometimes, one simply needs to surrender.  

To have your perversions accepted and challenged, to be skillfully abused, to be usefully consumed and occasionally destroyed.

Mindfully guiding you in your training and subtly rearranging your thoughts, your habits, your precious patterns and routines.  

Many methods of decadent reprogramming, all designed to suit my desires, my financial gain, and to mould you into my little pet.  Blissfully growing weaker by the second.

Getting inside your head a little too easily, installing my teachings where I see fit...

Before you know it, your mind has been happily warped and the only craving you have left is to please me...  

To be of precious use to your Madame.  Your Goddess.
Chocolate eyes so dark, you'll strain to discover pupils before getting lost inside...

The tantalizing sound of my voice guides you to a place that you can only think to describe as "home".

Are these my thoughts, or are they yours...?  

With your cheek pressed to the floor, your ears enjoying the sound of my delicious high heels clicking dangerously against the hardwood floor toward you, filling you with an odd sense of nostalgia...

You don't even care anymore, anyway.  You're content right here, kneeling at my delicious feet, entranced and quietly begging for my exhilarating attention.  

You can already feel it happening, can't you?

The seeds have been planted.

Perhaps resistance is futile...  

So come, get a little more lost in my web.

Give up that ever-complicated control, you don't need it.

Let's make your life simple.


             18+ ONLY



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